Newsletter January 2021

1. Awards & Honors 

To CHHAYAnke's Doctors on Republic Day



2. Doctors & front line workers who has done selfless work during the Pandemic Year 2020


Newsletter February 2021

1. Pustak CHHAYA, Love To Read

February Month 2021

Books & Stationary Donations

2. Jal Daan Mahaadan

Drinking water to LGBTQ

Queer Carnival at Pheoniex Arena, Hyderabad.

recognizing human


Newsletter March 2021

  1. Awards & Honors 
    on the occasion of Second Annual Day & Women's Day of CHHAYAnke.

  2. Founder & Director Mrs. Nidhi, who has done selfless work during the Pandemic Year 2020 by her Trust was an awardee by International Women's Organizations & Received Award From LA, CA, USA.

  3. Director of CHHAYAnke was a chief guest at Oakridge International School's Community Show Case Project.


Newsletter April 2021

  1. Dipti Memorial Funds, for underprivileged medical treatment.

  2. CHHAYAnke Pandemic Funds for basic home-care treatment to use for any needy whoever contact CHHAYAnke.

  3. Looking for more volunteers for the CHHAYAnke Charitable Trust.

Newsletter May 2021

1. Funds for unclaimed corona patients  bodies for last rituals.

2. Funds for the orphanages kids groceries & monthly food.

3. Funds for ASG security supervisor.


Newsletter June 2021

1. Plantation Awareness Month. Awareness about plantations by flyers poster, video, audio, podcast, social media account & Poetry by Founder And Director Nidhi.

2. Global Wellness awareness session on zoom & YouTube By Wellness Coach Dr. Sejal.

3. Plantation awaerness by poems & art & craft activities


Newsletter July 2021

CHHAYAnke had completed 10K saplings plantation on 28/7/2021on world nature conservation day which we started from July 2016 from Haritha Haram Program. Successful organization of women & Covid-19  Vaccine awareness session.


Newsletter August 2021

CHHAYAnke had completed "Breastfeeding week" 1-7 August. Campaign name was "Positively Inspiring Breastfeeding for mommy & baby". Cybersecurity Session with an cyber expert on 15th August. We honored Corona Warriors on 15th August. We visited Jagrati orphanage to know the requirements.

Newsletter September 2021

CHHAYAnke had spreed awarness abour Nutrition week by 7 different diet plans.

We had celebrated Hindi Diwas, World Daughters Day, World Peace Day, No Waist Of Food Day.

on international day of peace, We were invited to speak about women's role in world peace & as a chief guest of Art Galary.


Newsletter October 2021

CHHAYAnke had completed awareness about "Breast cancer" & "Bones related issues" due to online schools & work from home throughout the month in online & offline mode with renowned professionals. 

We had celebrated Pink Day, Karwachouth 7 organized awareness sessions.

October 12/10/2021 we have adopted "Maa Narmada old age Home For monthly Donations.


Newsletter November 2021

CHHAYAnke had spread awareness about dental hygiene & mask awareness open stage for all kids on Children's  Day.

We had organized a fun filled evening for kids. In this events  kids had participated in drawing, painting, singing, dancing & music with family & friends & enjoyed open stage.

On International Children's day we have donated two girls students school's annual fees.



Newsletter December 2021

CHHAYAnke had organized awareness about "Human Rights Day".

"Omicron Alert" & " Issues related to pandemic" to MM International  school's students. 

We had celebrated Human Rights Day with Basic Checkup of School Students

Along with this we had organized Mental Health, Dental Awareness session with renowned professionals.