June 2020 Woman Empowerment CHHAYA Programa

Under woman empowerment CHHAYA program, we are offering skills development training to bright, intelligent, dynamic but underprivileged women. This year in June 2020, CHHAYAnke has selected Ms. Arshya Mohhemmad a young preprimary teacher from Gopanpally Hyderabad.

Donate Us to empower a woman

 July 2020 CHHAYA Ke Liye
Chhayadar Vriksha

To spread awareness about "Save Mother Earth" every year we plan Sapling Plantation under our event's name is "CHHAYA Ke Liye Chhayadar Vriksha".

this year our target is 1001 Saplings plantation.

15 August Indipendence Day 

CHHAYAnke is going to appreciate & honor CORONA WARRIORS who have come forward as a volunteer and serves the society during the lockdown. 

If you want to receive this award please send bellow details to CHHAYAnke before August 1st, 2020. name, place, social services during lockdown (in a list with details), pictures at


After cross-verification of your social services we'll provide you e certificate of appreciation.

How To Participate in CHHAYAnke's Upcoming Events

To participate & get recognition certificate for

"CHHAYA Ke Liye CHHAYADAR Vriksha".​

  1. Please plant minimum of 5 saplings, send us a few pictures of day one when you planted the saplings.

  2. Send a few pictures of the same growing Saplings.

  3. end pics in CHHAYAnke@yahoo.com

  4. You will get the Certificate along with your picture on your mail id & our website till 30th August 2020.

To participate & get recognition certificate for
  1. Please send us a few pictures of different days (10) of social services during the lock down period.

  2. Send your, Name, Mail ID, Ph Number, Address.

  3. Send pics in CHHAYAnke@yahoo.com along with the screenshot of Hundred Rupees Donation before 1st August.

  4. You will get the CORONA WARRIOR AWARD Certificate on your mail id & our website till 15th August 2020.