CHHAYAnke’s Inspirational Legends

Mrs. Chhaya Trivedi (Retired Principal)

    Mr. Umesh Trivedi (Advocate MP High Court Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh )

"आपको भगवान ने जो भी अच्छा दिया है, उसमे से कुछ हिस्सा आपके अपनो और कुछ हिस्सा कमज़ोर के लिए है! जब आप दूसरे के दुख को समझकर, उस दुख को कुछ कम करने का प्रयास करें, तब आप सच्चे मायने मे एक नेक इंसान है! "

"जब तक रोटी और कपड़ा ग़रीब को मुफ़्त मे ना मिले, आपकी सेवा अधूरी है! "

25th March 2020 To 31st May 2020

Serving During #LOCKDOWN 1,2,3,4

  • Food to community helpers

  • Anna to needy 

  • Cash Donations to community helpers

  • Mask to Needy & Migrants

  • Food to Migrants

CHHAYAnke is a Women's Only organization of very well educated women, who are setting benchmarks in their respective fields. Most of us residing in the Nallagandla and Gachibowli area. We are working in different social activities since 2016, with the name of (Grande Gratitude CHHAYA), and now it's CHHAYAnke.
Our activities include the following kind of work:
  • Medical care for underprivileged kids, basic hygiene, and wellness programs for women and girls and health check-ups for all age groups for all genders.
  • Spreading awareness about POCSO ACT 2012.
  • Basic medical and hygiene supply. 
  • Arranging donations for families of sick kids who can't afford high medical bills and medicines.
  • Motivational speech, self-confidence improving programs, and career counseling for underprivileged kids.
  • Polio camps for kids.
  • Educational care for underprivileged kids which includes fees, uniform, stationery, and other supplies.
  • Art and craft and skill development workshops for kids.
  • Providing materialistic and monetary help to people who are suffering from natural calamities.    
  • Kerala flood relief drive(2018).
  • Assam and Bihar flood relief drive( July 2019).
  • Plantation in different places (CHHAYA KE LIYE CHHAYADAR VRIKSH ) with youth and children in different places to save mother earth.
  • 2016, 2017, 2018 years 24*7 drinking water supply for needy during April, May & up to June 15(2016-2018) (JAL DAAN MAHA DAAN)
  • The 2019 year buttermilk supply in April, May & up to June 15.
  • Food drive for the needy.
  • Celebration of various festivals with orphanage kids.
  • Awareness workshops for child & women's safety & security.
  • Empowering women by providing education & job. 
As of now, we are covering three orphanages, 3 Govt.schools, & 2 trusts schools. Which is located near to Nallagandla, Serilingampally, Gopanpally, Gowalidoddy, Gachibowli.
With our JAL DAAN MAHA DAAN campaign, we have served  55,200 Lt water to thirsty people in hot and sultry summers.
With our buttermilk drive, we have served 1200 Lt. of buttermilk within 60 days.
This year we did 500 saplings plantation to save mother earth.
Through our natural disaster relief camps, we have provided help to thousands of people.